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Teitho: May challenge "Habits"
Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:31 am (PDT) . Posted by: mirach_ravaia
Do you have a habit of writing for Teitho? If you don't, you can always make one! This month is especially good for that, because our theme for May is Habits.

Habit is a second nature, it is said. A habit is any activity that is repeated regularly, whether it is healthy, like exercising, bad, like smoking, or neutral, like meeting with friends every Thursday. What kind of habits do people in Middle-earth have?

Smoking is a known one, but the unhealthy effects of it were not yet known in Tolkien's time, so it doesn't seem to be a bad habit in his world. Maybe they have a different kind of tobacco... Aragorn or Legolas could also have some training routines to improve their fighting skills, or maybe a habit of reading history books. But sometimes there just are no history books around, which brings us to the next point:

There may be habits that are possible to be followed only in a certain place and circumstances. How does it feel, having to go without it for a long time? And how does it feel, returning to the habit again? As circumstances change, it can also happen that one habit replaces another.

Whether writing for Teitho is your habit or not, we are looking forward to your stories!

The deadline for this challenge is May 25th, but can be extended until the end of the month. If you need an extension to finish your story or picture, just write to the email below!

For writers: send your stories to The contest is anonymous and the story can't be posted publicly until the results of the challenge are announced. Aragorn or Legolas don't have to be main characters, but at least one of them must be mentioned in the story.

For artists: Submit your picture into the Teitho gallery folder of Arda-Inspired at deviantArt. The picture should be new, drawn specifically for the challenge. State that you are submitting it to the contest in the artist's comments.

Happy writing and drawing!
Your Teitho-moderator,
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