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How can I not love these two? Sometimes I wake up and find one curled either side of me.



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Reuben won this award in a little contest in a cat group I'm in.


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Interesting article about cat lifespans and causes of death in the UK. The stats make me glad my cats are indoor.

Mutual Grooming

6 Months

Jan. 17th, 2017 07:03 am
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I read that at 6 months kittens become responsive to herbs. Reuben is 6 months and 3 days and suddenly went crazy for a wrapped silver vine toy. He wouldn't let Harry near it. I've ordered catnip, silver vine and Valerian toys to see which he likes best. Harry only responds to silver vine and Valerian.
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Reuben's current favourite pastime. Click on the picture to play, hope you enjoy.

I'm chilling out with mystery stories on TV.


True Love

Oct. 27th, 2016 01:30 am
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The cats have all been sitting on the bed with me. Earlier, none of them were around and I was wondering how many cats do you need to always have one in the room? I feel really weird if I'm not with at least one cat!

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I just created an album of some of my favourite photos of my boys taken over the last two years. Hope you enjoy.

Favourite Cat photos

Click on the photo to view the album.
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Click on the pictures to play and turn the sound right up. Hope you enjoy.



I'm sad now I've so few kitten videos of Harry. I thought him the most beautiful kitten ever (now he's the most beautiful cat) yet hardly made any videos.
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I bought Reuben a bed, which being a cat, he of course, ignores! He did condescend to pose it though after Harry inspected it.

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Click on the picture to play the video.

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Click on the videos to play them.


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Mostly of the boys with a few flowers and clouds too.

Reuben and Harry had fun on the cat tree today.
Click for photos,

Hope you are not bored with all these photos of my boys.



P1090019 - Copy

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Harry is cat of the day!

He has not yet got many comments, but those who did comment are impressed by how many adventures he's had.

He had another adventure today as my friend and I took him in the garden and he vanished into thin air! I was terrified he had climbed the wall into the next street. Then he suddenly reappeared so I fetched da bird and he followed me back in the house.

He actually played chase with Reuben for half a minute though he still eyes him with sheer disgust and apprehension.

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I entered this photo of Harry in the "Throwback Thursday" contest in a group I'm in. He won with 19 votes! He'd only been with me a few hours when I took the picture.


Harry then went on to win "Pet of the Week" as his 19 votes were more than any other cat got that week.
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At last weather is back to the normal mid 60's.

My friend came to visit, but had to get a taxi.We took Harry out and he behaved perfectly and went back in after 20 minutes or so, unlike keeping me out for an hour!

Here are some photos of flowers, assorted cats and dogs and my boys. Harry has a new toy to show off and has been reading and and using the computer LOL. Leo is relaxing.




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The boys and a few flowers.

My friend came and we took the boys out in the yard. My friend is still on about what her daughter says, this time that Harry never had a choice over the cat flap as I didn't push him through it. He has watched Leo and he waggles it with his paw when it's open. Today, he wanted to go out but quickly went back indoors. I'm so glad he is content indoors as 2 poor cats were poisoned the other side of town last week. Leo stayed out for a while in the yard.

Leo now has decided he wants to drink out of a cup!

The weather is nice today. Yesterday, I had an afternoon nap and was convinced I'd overslept as it was almost dark when I awoke. The clock said 5.15Pm and a few moments later there was a torrential downpour.




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